Being a good camping neighbor isn’t much different from being a good neighbor--or a good person--in general. However, there are a few differences. Check out these four tips on being a good camping neighbor.


Clean Up Your Yard

RV ‘yards’ are much smaller and are more often than not connected. So, keep your yard clean! Put away tables and chairs when you aren't using them--or at least move them closer to your RV. If you have kids, clean up their toys. The campground/park will thank you as well as your neighbor! 


Take Care of Your Pet

This is a big one. If you have a dog with you, clean up right away after he does his business. It will make a cleaner environment and a less stinky one too! Also, make sure your dog stays on his or her leash! You don't want your dog running off and disturbing your neighbors. That could cause a dispute that nobody wants!


Respect Quiet Time

Remember there are more people than just you and you’re in very close proximities! After 9, it would be best to keep noise to a minimum to respect those around you who might be trying to relax. Other families might have small children that need to sleep. Whatever the case, respect your neighbors by keeping it down after a certain time. 


Say Hello

Don’t just walk past your neighbor. You don’t need to stop and have a conversation, but a quick “hello! Have a great day!” or “Good morning!” doesn’t take any effort, and it could make their day!