Your RV is essentially your home while away from home. In fact--it is. It’s where you sleep, shower, spend time with family and friends. It’s just like your house, except on wheels! So, why not decorate it?? If you’re feeling stuck on decorating ideas, here are five ideas to get you started:


  1. Maps as Wallpaper. This can be super fun to do to a single wall in your RV. No matter what part of the world you use, it’s bound to look cool! Bonus idea--if you do a map of the United States, you can mark off all the places you’ve visited! 

  2. Add Some Color. This could be as simple as changing the curtains or adding some colorful throw pillows and blankets to your living area. Whatever you choose it’s sure to help make your RV feel homier! 

  3. Hang Up Artwork. The artwork is a great way to decorate your RV. Whether you hang up painting, place sculptures around, or even decorative vases with plants in them, you’re RV will be feeling more like home in no time. Try to follow a theme with the artwork and the color!

  4. Back Splash and Trim. You can purchase peel and stick backsplashes to add to your kitchen and bathroom. 

  5. Family Photos. Every home has family photos, so place some of those around too! There are hundreds of different kinds of frames to choose from, so look around!