You might not have room for a big centerpiece like at your house, but sometimes smaller is better! Decorate your home on wheels for the fall and Thanksgiving and make it just as beautiful!

Here are some Autumn and Thanksgiving decorations that work great in small spaces. These will add a festive touch to your RV - without emptying your pocketbook.

Use Nature

Low-cost decorations that you make from natural materials will minimize the cost and can be easily disposed of once the
season is over. This approach will also save you valuable storage space.

Use the beautiful oranges, reds, and golds found in leaves and gords to set off your
fall theme throughout your RV.

If you happen to be staying anywhere near
a marsh or wetland area, you may be able to retrieve a handful of cattails, and maybe some dried tall grass.

Storing Decorations Inside Your RV

Most RVs designed for full-time living include a sizable amount of storage space. By choosing wisely - with size and storage space being considered - a plastic storage tub can easily accommodate the off-season storage of your decorations.

Throughout the year, you can cycle between the seasons and holidays - storing away one season's decorations, as you remove the next from the same storage tub.

The key to success in your Fall decorating is to concentrate on a few small but high-quality items. Quality will outshine the quantity every time.