It’s not the whole family if your dog isn’t there, is it? It sounds like a hassle to bring your dog, though, but it doesn’t have to be! There are lots of ways to make bringing your dog with you on your next RV trip easy and fun. Here are a couple of tips for bringing your dog with you:


  1. Pack their items so they feel at home. Bring their bed if they have one and a few of their favorite toys. Having things that smell recognizable will help make the transition to vacation easier on them. You can even bring their food bowls from at home--it might help them eat better if they seem stressed.

  2. Bring treats for them as rewards for good behavior. Just like at home, this will help them learn even more how to act around strangers, and being rewarded for being a good boy (or girl!) will help them remember what they did to get that special treat.

  3. Make stops every few hours. We need to use the bathroom at times, and so do they. Plus, it would be good for them to get that little bit of fresh air and move a bit so they don’t get restless and crazy. Make sure you clean up after them, though! Always have doggie bags on hand.

  4. Have an emergency first aid kit for your pet. We hate to think of it, but anything can happen that could require emergency supplies--either they get hurt or eat something they shouldn’t. Click here for tips on what to put in them!

  5. Put a tie out outside your RV for when you get to your destination. This way, they can enjoy being outside with you and get a ton of fresh air. Make sure if it’s hot you place them under the shade and give them water! You can even make these ‘pupsicles’ to help them cool down!

  6. Don’t forget to come to check on them while you’re off doing your own thing! It’s okay to leave them for a bit, but not the entire day. If you can, plan activities that will allow them to come with you.