RVing with your whole family is the best way to do it. It helps bring you all closer and really get out there to spend some good quality time together. No matter the age, there is always something for each member of the family to do once you reach your destination, and activities the whole family can do together. The real trick is keeping your kids busy during the drive down--which can be hard, especially if you have young children.

“I’m bored” is a phrase you will probably get tired of pretty quickly, and at that point, you’re probably ready to do just about anything to keep your kids happy and quiet. However, it’s easier than you think! Here are 5 tips to having a fun time during the long drives with your kids!


  1. Bring fun activities for them. Word searches, puzzles, sculpting clay and board games are great ways to help keep your kids entertained and off their phones and tablets. If you have very young children, bring some of their favorite toys and play with them to keep them occupied. You can bring scrapbooking supplies too and have them document their trip!

    1. Use the sculpting clay to play games. Write a list of objects down and cut them into strips and place them in a hat. Each child will take turns choosing from the hate and sculpting what the item they got is and the other kids will try to guess what it is before they finish sculpting it!

    2. Coloring supplies is also a great way to keep children occupied. Crayons, colored pencils, markers, and paper or coloring books can keep kids busy for hours. You can use these supplies to play Pictionary using the same method as the sculpting clay!

  2. Put on a movie. Movies will help keep your children busy for a while--at least as long as the movie is. Give them some snacks and you should have a few hours of peace--and the time will fly for them!

    1. Help them build a pillow and blanket fort to sit under while they watch. This will be like their own little theater for while they are watching their movie! Plus, maybe they will play under the fort with some toys for a little while, too!

  3. Make stops along the way. Don’t just drive the entire time. Make stops so you can all go sightseeing and get some fresh air and stretch.

    1. Turn this into a scavenger hunt! If you plan ahead, you can make lists of places to find. Break up into teams and see who can find everything first! The winner gets to pick the next movie to watch.

  4. Allow them to sit on their phones and tablets for a little while. We all want our kids to spend less time on the screens and more time interacting and playing, but sometimes it can just be easier to allow them to keep themselves busy by playing games on their phones and tablets. Don’t allow it for the entire time, but that final stretch it might be easier if they’re occupied that way.

  5. Have them each make lists of all the things they want to do when you get to the campsite. You can then sit down and go over all the activities and plan them out so everyone gets to do what they want!