I remember doing this one as a kid! It's super easy and super fun for the little ones! (Its okay mom and dad, it's fun for you too!) Make sure you help your younger kids with cooking and cutting the hotdogs into the right shape so they don't get hurt. 

Fun Food for Kids! Octo-dogs!

Yield: as many as you want


Pack of hotdogs




Knife (adults)

Hot dog skewers/sticks

Have an adult carefully cut the hot dog in half lengthwise, while leaving about 1.5-2 inches at the top. Cut each half in half again, and then cut the quarters in half, so you end up with a total of 8 strips at the end of the hot dog. Skewer the hot dogs lengthwise from the uncut end of the hot dog.

Helping them, hold the hotdog over the fire and watch as the strips on the ends of the hot dogs curl up like tentacles! Serve with your child’s favorite condiments.