While most RVs do have a decent amount of storage space, it really is limited compared to what we’re used to at home, so we really need to be able to use every bit of space as efficiently as possible. We’ve made a list of storage tips to help save you some space in your RV’s kitchen:

Tupperware Bins: Tupperware stacks wonderfully and comes in a bunch of different sizes. You can get small sizes for things like herbs and spices. Medium sized containers are great for things like dried fruits, nuts, and candies. Larger containers are perfect for flour, sugar, cereal and pasta/grains. Stacking your dry goods takes up less space than bags of things everywhere, plus the air-tight containers keep things fresh longer!

Buckets: Purchase cheap plastic buckets and hang them on the wall to store utensils such as spoons, ladles, tongs, whisks, and spatulas. This frees up drawer space and counter space!

Wall Containers: Knife blocks come either magnetic for the blade to hang on or so you can insert the knife inside the block. This frees up drawer and counter space, as well as makes the knives more easily accessible. You can also place containers on the walls to store things like foil and plastic wrap. Baskets can be hung to hold spices and such.

Pots and Pans: For your pots and pans, before you even go out and buy them, make sure you purchase ones that fit inside each other. This will allow you to stack them easier and save on space.

Kitchen Soaps: Sprays for counters, soap for dishes and even hand soap can take up space underneath your counter. Bars of soap for hands take up less space than a bottle and can be stacked easier. Instead of buying multiple bottles of dish detergent, have one big container and refill your smaller ones.

Labels: Make labels for everything and have them facing outwards, that way when you empty the original containers, you aren’t struggling to remember what everything is.