With the 4th of July coming up in less than a month, you’re probably already thinking about throwing the best 4th of July bash you can! And it’s easy, you just need to plan ahead! 

One of the most important things to do is to make sure there are two things: food and activities. People love food and they love being able to something besides stand and sit around chatting. 

Set up some games in your RV yard! Cornhole is always a great outdoor game. Split into teams and remember to laugh! Ring toss/Horseshoes is also another great game that people love to play. These are both easy games to play while holding your drink in the other hand, too! Yardzee (Yahtzee but for the yard) is also a super fun option. You can order it here

If there are kids, make sure they have games to play too! Kids would also love to play the same games as you. You can also set up a little sprinkler for them! Make sure you have some sparklers to light once the sun goes down! Kids LOVE running around with shimmery sparklers! 

Keep a fire going all day. You can help kids cook hotdogs and marshmallows over the fire. Plus, once it starts getting dark out, you will already have the fire built! This adds extra light and warmth for the cool night. 

And let's not forget the fireworks...You will probably not be able to set them off yourself, but check and see if there are any going on at the campsite you’re at! While this isn’t something you can plan, they’re still fun to watch!

As far as food goes, you’ll want to make some fun appetizers. People love being able to graze and snack during summer parties like these. While it is a good idea to have grilled hotdogs and hamburgers, finger foods are even better. 

Little sandwiches are a fantastic, cheap and easy way to make food for a crowd. Simply buy a french bread or two and some cheese and meats, build your sandwich and cut into smaller ones! Set out condiments and toppings and your friends will thank you. A list of sandwich ideas are: 

  • Turkey and swiss/cheddar

  • Italian (ham, salami, pepperoni, provolone)

  • Roast beef and cheddar

  • Turkey, ham, and American 

Get creative! 

Veggie trays and dips are a sure thing to impress guests too. Who doesn’t love carrots and a good dip? Even the kids will enjoy it! Fruit trays are also great--better than fruit salads. The fruit isn’t mixed and it’s easier to pick and choose what you want. Cream cheese dip is a fun addition to this, as well! 

You also can’t go wrong with cookies and brownies for desserts, either! Anything that can be easily grabbed and snacked on is PERFECT for summertime parties!

So, now that you have some tips for a super fun filled 4th of July party, it’s time to put it all together! Have fun and Happy Fourth of July!