Hiking with your dog is a great way to help them get out there, get some exercise and let them burn up extra energy they wouldn’t be able to otherwise. It also helps motivate you to get out and get some exercise! But it can be a little hard, especially when it's hot. However, we have some tips for that!

Collapsable Dog Bowls

Just like we get thirsty our dogs do too. But unlike us, they can’t drink out of a water bowl. Luckily, they make collapsable dog bowls! They fit easily into backpacks and are perfect for pulling out and giving your dog a drink here and there. You can buy there on Amazon here.

Dog Back-Packs

You can also have your pet help carry a few things like his water bowl, treats or snacks, and his first aid kit! This will help lighten your load some too.


Once again, how we get hungry and need a quick little power snack, our dogs will get hungry too! Things like jerky are something that you can eat and share with your dog. The protein will give a boost of energy, plus it’s healthy and won’t be so filling that you’ll get to full. Apples are hydrating and another thing that both you and your dog can enjoy! Add a little peanut butter and you have the ultimate snack!

First Aid

Dogs can get hurt, or get into something they shouldn’t, so it’s important to have a first aid kit for your dog (and yourself!) just in case.


It’s good to sit and take a break every now and then, even just to enjoy the scenery! If you come across a river, it could be a perfect time for a break. Your dog would love to cool off in the water and you might enjoy it too!