There are plenty of ways you can save money while RVing--some are way more obvious than others! 


Salvage Stores

For pantry items such as rice, coffee, and pasta, look around for salvage stores. These stores sell products that might be slightly damaged (like a tear on a box, or dent in a can) or past the sell-by date but not the expiration date. These items are always much cheaper and the same quality as they would be full price! 


Use Apps

Some apps can give you money back on your groceries at certain stores! Even online purchases. Other apps could help you save on gas. 



Having memberships to certain stores can help you save a lot of money on everyday items! 


Buy In Bulk

Buying in bulk and storing products might seem more expensive at the time, but when you still have paper towels 4 months after buying them, you’ll realize it was well worth the investment! 


Off Brand Products

Most of the time, you’re paying for a name on a product. Buy off-brand products for things like tortillas, milk, eggs, juice, and cereal. It tastes the same and is much cheaper!