Blackwater River State Forest

The northernmost section of the Florida National Scenic Trail is just a few miles away from where it connects to the Alabama Hiking Trail. The spectacular scenery on this trail follows along the Blackwater River and some smaller tributaries. The scenery alone is one of the best reasons for hiking this trail! 


White Springs Area Trails

Following the Suwannee River, some of the most popular and beautiful Flordia hiking trails can be found around White Springs. You can choose to do a weekend-long hike and camp along the river’s beaches, or you can go on an amazing day hike at Big Shoals State Park. 


Torreya State Park

Choose from two trails at the beautiful Torreya State Park: the 7-mile Torreya Challenge Loop or the 6-mile Rock Creek Loop. These trails are perfect fort hose looking for a challenge and for more experienced hikers. 


Ocala National Forest

If you want a multi-day backpacking trip, check out one of the first (and most popular) sections of the Florida National Scenic Trail in the Ocala National Forest. This section is roughly 35 miles long and goes through a rolling sand scrub habitat. Enjoy site-seeing the wildlife and this trail is full of it!


Big Cypress National Preserve

This hiking destination is one of the most unusual. It encompasses the southernmost part of the Florida National Scenic Trail. Depending on the season, you might have to prepare yourself for hiking in knee-deep water. This is also one of the last remaining habitats of the endangered Florida panther, so keep your eyes out!