When sitting by your campfire during the Fall RVing season, surprise those around you with a Pumpkin Campfire. This idea was first published in Better Homes and Gardens. What a creative way to carve your pumpkins and create an atmosphere that is just right for Halloween.

To help you along, you can download this flame template. It has flames in two sizes for small and medium-sized pumpkins. Print it out, trace the lines on the back side of the sheet with a soft lead pencil, or chalk.

Cut the cap off and removed the insides of the pumpkin. Then place the template, right side up, on the pumpkin and trace with a hard lead pencil to transfer the drawing. Remove the template and trace along the lines with a small knife. Then remove the top layer of pumpkin (the dark orange skin) between the lines. The deeper you go, the brighter the flame, so varying the thickness creates a flickering effect.

Place a battery operated flame inside or use traditional tealights before stacking. You can use toothpicks or popsicle sticks to hold your creation together.

You'll be the hit of the campground as people try to figure out how you created your Pumpkin Campfire. Have fun!