Class A, B, and C Motorhomes

For everyone that already has a full sized motorhome, you already know all the benefits, but for those of you that do not, you will want to keep reading. The class A, B, and C motorhomes have all the amenities of a home down to washing a load of laundry. You are able to sit in luxury while baking your favorite meal in the oven.

Now we know that there are many myths about owning a full-size motorhome and we would like to discuss some of them with you and let you know that, that is exactly what they are MYTHS. The first myth is that they are expensive. That is not true they can very affordable and there is a wide range of them to accommodate every budget. When you invest in a motorhome you are investing in a home away from home. Which leads us into another myth-that it is cheaper for a hotel when vacationing.

Motorhome Accommodations

Hotel accommodations can be very costly depending on the size of your party and duration. Then you have to take into consideration eating out three times a day which can also add up. Now yes, a motorhome will incur site and hookup fees, but usually they are minimal, and you are able to prepare and cook meals in your kitchenette. Saving on costly restaurant bills. Many of our Winnebago motorhomes have slide-outs for the kitchen/dining area, making it a wonderful space for the whole family to gather while cooking, a lot like home.

Food Preparation in Your Motorhome

The next myth is that it is difficult to cook in a motorhome, again not true. Modern motorhomes come with ovens, stove tops, microwaves, and refrigerators, again all the amenities of home. Anything you can cook at home can be cooked in your motorhome. Click here for a full meal plan, using all your kitchenette devices and complete with a dessert!

Fuel Efficient Traveling

Many people also think that motorhomes have high maintenance costs and are gas guzzlers. When the motorhome is properly cared for and driven at the optimum speed they can last for many years. Diesel pushers are going to be more fuel efficient than gas. However, any motorhome that is properly maintained and driven reasonably will be fuel efficient.

We have many articles about maintaining your RV in our RV Lifestyle section on our website. Take a peek and be amazed at the simplicity of caring for your home away from home!

Driving, Parking and Maneuvering Your Motorhome

A few more myths that we would like to cover is that motorhomes are hard to drive, park and that you are limited on where you can go. Once again these are not true. With modern technology motorhomes either have or can be equipped with broad view mirrors, back-up cameras, and parking sensors. These options will make maneuvering your motorhome as easy as your car. But, you will want to check with your local BMV to see if you need a special license for a full-size motorhome. As to being limited on where you go, not true.

Motorhomes can open up your options giving you more freedoms on vacation. Another option is a tow behind or a dinghy and you can bring your car with you. Now you can go to the local grocery store or any attractions with ease.

Now that we have discussed the myths of a full-size motorhome and explained to you their benefits, you are able to make an informed decision on your purchase. Here at Chilhowee RV Center we have a large selection of both new and used Class AClass B, and Class C motorhomes, both diesel and gas, and Diesel Pushers. No matter your budget we have something for everyone and we would love to sit down with you and discuss your needs and wants in a Recreational Vehicle, we are sure we can find the perfect one for you and help you make an excellent choice that considers your needs and will be affordable for you.

Once you have made your decision, all that is left is to pack up the family, stock the pantry (don't forget the kid's favorite toys & snacks) and you are ready to go. Remember, owning a full-size motorhome gives you the freedom to go anywhere. So Happy RVing and have FUN!